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eDay Recycling

Each computer monitor contains four to eight pounds of lead depending on size this size is for a 17inch monitor. In Oregon alone, households and businesses junked nearly 50,000 tons of computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment during 2000. This electronic waste is polluting landfills with lead, mercury, and other regulated hazardous materials. According to the State Department of Environmental Quality, 700,000 new computers are sold annually. An estimated 1.1 million old computers are stored in basement closets, but only about 11% are recycled or reused.
In New Zealand 14000 tons of Electronics equipment comes into the country every year but E-Day last year recovered 900 tons so E-day is only recovering about 4% of the yearly average. The rest is stored & a lot is going into our Dumps Please Recycle New Zealand help keep us green.

  • Recycling Old broken computers Laptops LCD monitors LCD TVs CRT monitors (old style TV monitors) printers Mobile phones network switches network cables basically anything that Attaches to a computer we’ll recycle it
  • Pickup & removal of computer waste & parts on request
  • We make new PCs to order Standard PCs to Gaming machines
  • We fix & repair desktop computers & laptops
  • Software problems virus removal Reinstallation of operating systems
  • Fix & repair LCD screens on laptops & LCD Monitors, LCD TVs
  • Set up & Administer networks for small business from cable laying to server construction & Installation of printers on the network. All facets of business networking
  • All work guaranteed & serviced buy A+ Qualified Technician & Microsoft certified professionals
  • All data is wiped with military grade software